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2 hours ago
does your minnesota fake have the holograms?



1 day ago
Received my 2nd set of Michigan fakes about a week ago, after there was trouble with the first set, and they had great costumer service. They sent the 2nd set and got them within a week. The fakes are pretty darn good other than the picture in the bottom right should be a black and white and not colored, and there is no Michigan Emblem in the middle when the blacklight hits it, and the blue by the face pic is a little darker, but coloring is hard to notice a difference. Some will scan in the group I ordered and some won't because they put the state as Texas instead of Michigan, but will pass a look test so hopefully no-one scans it.


Reply: We have updated the ID on June 20th, and we expect the full upgrade to be completed on July 1st. You don't have to worry about scanning. thank you


1 day ago
high quality and FAST SHIPPING, especially when it's urgent. thanks guys!


Reply: You're welcome. That's what we should do. thank you


2 days ago
Will a Pennsylvania ID pass instate?



2 days ago
Hello, I am a Chinese student and I need a fake identity. Do you have agents?



2 days ago
hi how do i place an order for another country as shipping address ? It wont let me place order wihtout filling in the state section, even thought there is none, it's in scotland


Reply: You can submit an order on our website, and he will tell you how to do it. thank you


2 days ago
I don't need the actual card. I just need an photo copy of an Indiana Id that I can send uploads to. Is there anyway you can email the photo to me and how much would that be?



3 days ago
Does your Minnesota id have the hologram on it? and also did you happen to notice that the mn state emblem on the back right corner is a dark color, its suppose to be red like the boat on the back


Reply: Don't worry, it's because of the blurring of the picture, so you can't see clearly. thank you
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