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3 days ago
Hi, was just wondering if & why the Iowa license has limited-term written across the top. Considering ordering but wanted to know about this first.


Reply: We can change him, thank you


3 days ago
Which ID has the closest resemblance to the real one (California or Arizona)?


Reply: Our ID is good, you can try to order what you need. thank you


4 days ago
Does your NY and PA ID's pass the bend test? I'm having a hard time deciding on which one to get!


Reply: Yeah, our NY will pass the bending test. thank you


7 days ago
Just received my ids. I got the Delaware one. First of all, ID top's customer service is seriously amazing. I ordered on June 5th and received them June 16th (today). They always replied to my emails within 1 hour. I had no problems whatsoever. They picked up the money the same day and then sent me the proofs the next day. I compared it to a real Delaware id and everything matched completely. The holograms look great and all 4 of the ids scan perfectly. The only things i have to critique are my picture is pretty zoomed in and off center a little bit. Also they made the issue date 6/16 which is today (my birthday is in May so its fine) but I guess it's not a big deal it will just look a little sketchy if I use it this weekend. Other than that, great ID. Can't wait to use it and will be telling all my friends to order from you guys!


Reply: Thank you. We'll do better.


8 days ago
This man right here is probably the best ID vendor out there. He would never take more then a day to get back to my emails, along with he was extremely helpful with tweaks i had to make throughout the process. After all IDs were created they took a little under 2 weeks to get here, absolutely no problem with customs and came in extremely low key packaging. I've been to three different gas stations already purchasing alcohol and other over 21 items and had absolutely no problem. IDTop is the person to buy from.



thank you

Have a nice day


9 days ago
Just received my California ID today! It looks really great. My only note would be that the "CALIFORNIA" at the top is a little too bold. So a bouncer might notice that. Other than that it's awesome. The holograms look great and the bear is there! Haven't used it yet but will post again once I do. Communication was great and I got my ID in 2 weeks. So fast. No problems with shipping or anything.


Reply: Thank you very much. We will continue our efforts.


9 days ago
I ordered my ID last week and I just got the tracking number? How do I track my ID what service are you using?



Tracking order website: http://www.17track.net/

Thank you


10 days ago
On your massachusetts DL do you have the newer one. It has I believe a eagle hologram and only one picture on it? I'll wait till response before ordering. Thanks


Reply: Sorry, we're not producing new Massachusetts DL at the moment. thank you
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