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10 days ago
I figured I'd give a update on the person (MICHAEL) say he's idtop.ph. Anyway he text me 3 times as of today. I responded telling him my concerns about your web. site and more. I told him at this time I'll have to pass. He text (OK). I'd like to ring his neck. In stead of ripping people off' get a job or learn how to do what your promising people. Anyway enjoy your day, I hope when I place my order with you I'm not feeling like I am now, and I didn't even get ripped off by him.


Reply: Please don't believe anyone who tells you the phone or they have another website. Or people who steal our pictures, they're all liars. thank you


11 days ago
we sent money over 9 days ago & still haven't received tracking information. We got the picture proofs of the id last monday and we were told they would ship the next day. Have sent several emails with no clear reply



We have sent you your ID, please contact us as soon as possible to provide the tracking number. Thank you


11 days ago
I just got off the phone 357 number name Michael he said he's idtop. I'm implying about massachusetts DL he priced me 180 for 1 id. Does he sound legit?????



NO, we don't have a phone. Please don't believe it.

 Only on our website is correct, thank you


15 days ago
Will you be doing a new mexico any time soon?


Reply: We're not that fast yet, thank you


16 days ago
I've sent the money over 2 weeks ago and still have not received the ids. The tracking says the money is available, but not received. When will the ids be shipped to me?


Reply: I'm Sorry, it may be missing from our staff, please contact us as soon as possible. thank you


17 days ago
I got a tracking number on Thursday and is now Monday and the order still cannot be tracked. How long does it usually take for an EMS tracking number to work?


Reply: Because the transport is going to pass through Hong Kong, you will stay there and wait for 3-5 working days, and you will be able to track the information. thank you


17 days ago
After I place my order and it says order successful how long until I am contacted ?


Reply: I'm sorry.
If you successfully submit the order. Please contact our customer service staff. It is also possible that if you submit a failed order, the customer service will not contact you. Thank you very much.


18 days ago
When will you guys have Minnesota again?


Reply: Hi, you can consult our customer service staff. Thank you
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