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19 days ago
Is there any tracking info yet, or is it still backed up from holiday?


Reply: Please contact our customer service staff. We will arrange the tracking in time. Thank you


20 days ago
Your CA id is good but the boldness of the the address and other text are too thick. They shouldn't be as bold as the name


Reply: Okay, we've changed it already,  thank you


22 days ago
What state is the best to order from, most credible ID? And how safe is the payment?


Reply: You can choose our ID and our customer service staff will tell you how to pay for it. Thank you


22 days ago
How long does it take to ship to California?


Reply: Custom ID 1-3 days,In the case of customs detention(7-10 working days).thank you


23 days ago
Thank you! Satisfied, Excellent! great costumer service, I received it on the time frame told. Happy costumer :)


Reply: Thank you, we will do better service.


23 days ago
Excellent customer service! The IDs scan perfectly and look legit although the picture is kinda blurry it's still great. They're extremely helpful and I will definitely be ordering again soon !


Reply: Thank you. We'll continue our efforts!!


23 days ago
I did a group order with 5 people. The order was placed approximately 2.5 weeks ago and I'm still waiting for them to shipped. The communication has been great however I've been less than impressed with their delivery service.



I'm sorry for this problem, our staff are already tracking your ID

We'll check your ID today
Because you are sending the ID for the second time,So it's a long time,I hope you understand

I'm very sorry that your order has been sent, because a few days ago is the Dragon Boat Festival in China, the holiday season, we have a holiday all transportation, no update, you can soon receive your ID,Thanks!


28 days ago
For people wondering this IS a real website, they WILL NOT scam you. My order came in about 2.5 weeks. NEW YORK REVIEW: It is made of polycarbonate so that's good, it does have raised text and it does scan. However, the coloring is a little off, and the pictures don't look amazing. Overall it could be kind of instate passable, depending on how strict of a place you're going to. Pics below.


Reply: NNY We're already updating the color of the photo. We’ll be perfect soon.  Thanks
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