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1 month ago
THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE! GO THROUGH THEM! They will answer all questions and are super helpful!


Reply: Thanks!


1 month ago
Do the IDs have yalls company name on it like it shows in the example pictures? And also how are the Texas fakes?


Reply: yeah!Texas is good. Thanks


1 month ago
Is your virginia ID high quality?



Hi Jack

We have Tealin and PVC, and you need to customize what you can tell our customer service staff, thanks!


1 month ago
I ordered from this website and I can honestly say they are the most trustworthy and accommodating people. I would avoid the CA and WA ID's, but my CT one is perfect. I always get my ID's within a couple days.


Reply: Thank your comment. We recently updated the CA and WA ID‘s. Thanks.


1 month ago
If I order one that has a birthday in august would it be possible to make it 20 years old so it turns 21 in August? Thanks so much for any help you can provide!


Reply: You can change your birthday, thank you


1 month ago
Very pleasant experience. Recieved pictures and a tracking number only a few days after sending payment. Received the ID's in less than 2 weeks. They scan at every store i've gone to. 10/10 would recommend.


Reply: Thanks for your comment, if you have any questions, please contact our customer service personnel directly. Thank you


1 month ago
No one has emailed me back on how to submit an order if it fails to upload.


Reply: I am sorry to answer your letter for so long. You can contact our customer service staff and will tell you how to submit the order. Thank you

Am I ever getting my ids or

1 month ago
So I put in an order may 2nd got a tracking number by the 6th and on the 10th they were seized. You guys said you'd send me reprints with a tracking number I haven't gotten a tracking and I ordered from you guys because you're suppose to be the fastest. Is this website a scam? Should I order from someone else?



 I'm sorry we can't find your mailbox. Please provide the mailbox when you submit the order. We will help you in time. If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you.

I am sorry that we have tried to contact you, but we have been unable to contact you. Please let us know. We will arrange the arrangements in time for you. Thank you

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