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1 month ago
If I ordered and paid how will I know when they ship?


Reply: We will send the tracking number to you Email, thanks!


2 months ago
https://www.reddit.com/r/fakeid/comments/6a2bbd/straatmann_ca_v2_review/?context=10 Have you addressed all of the changes that are needed in this review?



Thank you for your advice:

We have made the latest update on may  5, 2017. Thanks!

Joe Schmo

2 months ago
Has anyone bought from them before, I saw they were on newbie VVL, looking for a Michigan one and their one of the only ones? jjschmo2456@gmail.com


Reply: What can we do for you? thanks!


2 months ago
Do you provide a tracking number once it's shipped?


Reply: Yes, please check your mailbox at any time. Once we send you the tracking number, thanks!!


2 months ago
Does your Delaware ID pass the bend test and scan properly?


Reply: We can customise two different types of PVC and Teslin and we can customize them according to the guests, thank you


2 months ago
Does texas pass the bend test and scan??


Reply: Yes passes the bending test and the perfect scan, thanks


2 months ago
hey guys, thanks for remaking the CA for me, it passes the bouncer and scan prefectly! Like I mentioned in our last communication, you're a great maker, will recommend to my peers.


Reply: Thanks!


2 months ago
Is you Arizona up to date and has holograms and works with scan and everything?


Reply: Yes, I have everything you want, thanks!
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