Before you purchase your id please make sure you do the following.

"PLEASE do the following before purchasing your ID Provide us with a digital photo of yourself in front of a solid colored wall or backdrop. Wear dark clothing for contrast against your skin. Keep your hair neat and tidy (no fly hairs!). Take the picture from the waist up, do not zoom in or take a picture of only your head. USE A REAL CAMERAWITH THE FLASH ON, not your cellphone or a webcam. Take the picture against a white background with a high resolution camera, the lighting should be uniform and even. Keep your hair out of your eyes. Look straight on at the camera, don't tilt your head. Don't have any reflections or glare in your picture. Stand straight up with good and natural posture. Don't wear glasses (The DPS/DMV makes you take your glasses off). Take the picture under white light and adjsut your camera white balance accordingly. Take the picture from 6-8 ft away. We can crop and zoom in on the picture as long as your picture is high enough resolution (3mp +). Write your signature on a plain white piece of paper with a black marker such as a sharpie, take a good picture or scan it. Pictures preferred, keep the flash off (important!). If you must scan, scan at a high resolution. PAYMENT is up-front. You must pay before we we send you your ID. We will contact you with payment information. Thanks. We look forward to doing business with you."

B. more can Download the order form to fill out a complete order information, then send to our email along with photos and signature

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Image size≤1MB

Please contact us for help if you have any questions in taking your order: order@idtop.ph

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